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platonicism's Journal

p l a t o n i c i s m
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pairing, ship & romance -free.

platonicism is a themed challenge community, much like 30_kisses
and other, similar challenges. However, instead of claiming a character
or pairing of your choice, the object is to claim a fandom and pick a
table of 10, 25 or 50 prompts to base your pairing-free fanworks on.

Of course, you won’t get wrist-slapped for, as an example, including
friendship that can be interpreted as love or something such. But please
be sure to keep in mind that the point of this community is to focus on
something other than pairings and romance. The possibilities are endless!

● fanfiction and fanart are the accepted mediums.
two people per table per fandom = six per fandom. WHO CARES claim what you want
● maximum of two claims per person at a time.
● original-story claims are welcome.
● shared claims are a-okay, split a table as you wish.
● no time limits here; we all have lives.

The three tables are below. Take your pick, check the claim post to
see if your fandom/table combination of choice is available, and leave
a comment. It is encouraged that you crosspost your work here as you
complete each claim, but it’s not obligatory. When you’ve completed a
table, leave a comment here to gain your eternal superhero status. C:
Alternately, you may comment to that post to drop a claim if you must.

1.aspirations 2.despite 3.nostalgia 4.envelopes 5.revolution
6.shockwave 7.mirrors 8.mythological 9.card houses 10.acceptance

1.storybook 2.profound 3.accelerate 4.transparent 5.hesitate
6.pollution 7.motion 8.electric 9.handwritten 10.exchange
11.elemental 12.record 13.flashback 14.accidental 15.vaporous
16.awakening 17.combat 18.sightline 19.gravity 20.understand
21.fantastic 22.influence 23.capability 24.impressions 25.aftershock

1.inspiration 2.momentum 3.wonder 4.unexpected 5.impulsive
6.hodgepodge 7.explanation 8.blackout 9.silhouette 10.mischance
11.improvise 12.direction 13.practice 14.outshine 15.observation
16.unwind 17.expressive 18.alignment 19.improve 20.predictable
21.juxtapose 22.brighter 23.quicksilver 24.endearing 25.chosen
26.covertly 27.adaptation 28.refresh 29.lockdown 30.entirely
31.malfunction 32.gesture 33.anachronism 34.curiosity 35.surreal
36.reasoning 37.abstract 38.undone 39.conviction 40.progression
41.overreact 42.likeminded 43.delirium 44.admiration 45.effective
46.elaborate 47.keepsake 48.limit 49.silence 50.contact

NOTE: When posting your fic or art to the community, please include
appropriate headers for ratings, warnings, et cetera. Here is an example
you can follow if you’re not familiar with how this format works.

Author’s Note:

You can use your own version of the posting format, of course, but just
make sure that the basics are included, and that all your writing or art is
posted under an lj-cut (or else a link to your own journal or comm.)

— Any questions? —
Owner; ironside
AIM; what the factor
Email; dramatically#live.com

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